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M.A.B Wyman

Official Website of the Author of the Forthcoming Fantasy Novel:

Book One in the Saga of the Laymonk

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Available this Summer!


Rumors are swirling in the northlands about a curse in Westcliff. People are being driven mad by the touch of angry ghosts during the full moon, in a village already haunted by a brutal murder from decades ago.
Growing up as an orphan, Genshai always expected his life would be the same as the other warriors of the abbey: learning the ways of the Iron Style, and training his mind and body toward Illumination. But, at the start of his fifteenth year the boy is shocked when the abbot names him the new laymonk, and he is sent to learn the ways of the world from his predecessor, an old man named Taisan.
Soon, Genshai receives firsthand lessons in ways that he never imagined— from fighting for his life, to defending the innocent, and even striding between two worlds, into the ethereal Veil. And just as Genshai is beginning to learn how to keep the Still Mind in the presence of spirits, the laymonks are sent to Westcliff to break an old curse, and to confront an unfathomable evil.
By taking up the staff of the laymonk, will Genshai uncover the truth about himself? Or will the madness spread, causing his greatest fears to be revealed on the night the Lotus is in Bloom?



Malkam is an aspiring author living in Three Oaks, MI, brewing beer by day and writing novels by night. Born and raised in Kalamazoo, Malkam is proud to be a child of deaf adults (CODA), and a graduate of Western Michigan University with a Bachelor in Fine Arts.


After joining the beverage industry in 2010, Malkam brews beer professionally and currently works as the Head Brewer of Round Barn Brewery and Public House, which has allowed him to pursue his interests in the alchemy of fermentation by brewing traditional styles, historical recipes, and ancient ales.

He is a dedicated student of martial arts and has studied Taiji and Kung Fu for twenty years. Malkam is an avid reader of literature and poetry, and has been participating in storytelling and performance art with Indigan Storyteller Workshops since 2013.

This novel has been developed over a decade, and Mountainroot is only the first installment of a larger series called the Saga of the Laymonk. 



For any media inquiries, please contact Malkam

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